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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Unit 27.

Basic shirts are a must specially if you are a guy, some say that you can't wear a tee shirt going to an event or somewhere because it is too simple. For me, simplicity depends on how you wear it. I wore this for my Lookbook shoot with Converse. Yes, I wanted to look simple but of course with a twist. When my mom saw me wearing this outfit, she laughed and I asked her why, she said "You look like a guy from a 90's disco club". Maybe because of the fabrics that I am wearing? Leather & suede together with a light denim. I like this outfit because it's really comfortable. Very. I like how it looks because it's not too casual, not too laid-back. I wore a belt to make the look more serious and straight up. 

Style Tips :
1. Keep it clean and neat. - Tee shirts are a must, White, Black, Grey. I Suggest you get the one from Zara if you want to look more serious, but if you want that laid back feel, try checking out the one from H&M & TOPMAN.

2. Belts are important. - It will change your whole look. If youre going for this kind of look, I suggest you wear a belt. Belts from Topman, Zara, & Burton Menswear.

3. Black shoes. - If you're wearing a casual outfit, don't destroy the look by wearing a serious black shoes. wear a casual black shoes, or boots.

4. Denim Jeans to keep it casual. - I decided not to wear a tuxedo trousers because if I do wear that, it will make me look very serious. Don't worry about the color of denim you'll wear, because with this kind of an all black outfit, everything will work and look nice.

5. Keep your hair sleek. - Every look I wear goes with this hair. Ever since I got this cut, It became easier for me to dress up because not only that I like the style but my hair became easier to style. That's why if you will notice, I rarely wear my Brixton Caps. 

(Outfit Details : Top, H&M. Jacket, ZARA. Denim, Burton Menswear. Shoes, Bristol. Belt, Gucci. Eyewear, SUPER. Watch, Nixon.)

Thank you Gerd Perez for taking these beautiful shots.
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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

JackPurcell Lookbook BTS

To be a part of the Converse family is a blessing. I met people who became close to me, I have worked with such talented people, and most of I had a great time working with my blogger friends! 
So I am sending this love post to my Converse family! 
#JackPurcell #Converse #SDConverse

Last week I had a shoot with Converse for the Jack Purcell Collection, I styled 4 outfits that was perfect not only for the shoes, but for the location as well. My first choice was what they picked, I wore my Jack Purcell with an all-back outfit. It was perfect. We were having a hard time shooting the shoes, so I suggested a corner where it had a different set of vibe, "Hunger Games set" is what I call that corner. 

After the shoot, Ms.Julienne from the Converse Team interviewed me. She asked me questions that made me reminisce about the good times I had with my Grandfather from the past. I had my first pair of Converse sneakers when I was 12. It was a hand me down from my pop. 

We shot at Unit 27 located at Fort, Bonifacio. It's definitely a new place for me to hang out and chill. What I like about the place is the way they designed it, it is a place full of art. If you'll check out the pictures you will see a ceiling full of gold Jack Purcell shoes. It's not open yet but will let you know once it's open. So follow me on Instagram & Twitter @mikylequizon for updates! 

I am really excited for the Lookbook. It's a new me. It's a new Style Division.

BTS photos from Gerd Perez.
Random Shots from Mikyle Quizon.
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