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Monday, August 18, 2014


I want to flaunt my socks without wearing shorts so I tried wearing my joggers. It looks good and I am comfortable with it. I want to wear things that I haven't tried wearing before!

You just have to keep pushing yourself to try out trends, because it will help you discover what trend/style will fit you.

I like the details of this jogger because it's totally edgy. Zippers make it more stylish.

This is my favorite pair of  all my Stance Socks. Hail Mary. Thanks, John A.!

This watch is a gift from my Bubbie. I love this watch because of it's gold details. and this is my second G-shock. Reminds me of the watch that my lolo used to wear. 

(Details: Top, VICIOUS. follow them on IG "@viciouz_viwear". Jogger, TOPMAN. Sweater, TOPMAN. Socks, STANCE. Shoes, ADIDAS. Eyewear, SM ACCESSORIES.)

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Monday, August 11, 2014


I am a big fan of A$VP Rocky. I listen to his music and watch his creative music videos. He is my Fashion Icon. But of course I want people to see my own style and the way I wear my clothes. I grew up seeing artistic paintings, drawing, & photos, that is why maybe I like to figure out and discover new things. This trend is not the usual trend that you will see in Manila, Well, you will but rarely, unless you are in a Soleslam Event.

(Details: Top, H&M. Shorts, Straight Forward. Meggings, TOPMAN. Shoes, VANS from Trilogy Boutique. Sunnies, SM ACCESSORIES.)
Thank you TOPMAN for the awesome NTBK.
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