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Saturday, January 24, 2015


In a week, I attend meetings, events/parties, dates, boys night out, & some spontaneous plans. But what I have noticed is that Tuesday is the busiest day of the week. (In my opinion) That's why I prepared myself with an outfit that will be perfect for any occasions. I used this outfit for a 2 meetings, and then I took out the sweater for an event. After, I tied the sweater on my waist to the movies with my love. Then I wore the sweater for another event. Hassle-free. :)

(Outfit Details: Top, ZARA. Sweater, Lyle&Scott (@StyleByGeneral). Bottom, Burton Menswear London. Shoes, Ralph Lauren (@Alvoguy), Socks, Stance Socks (@StyleByGeneral). Eyewear, BAPE.

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(c) Photos shot by Alejandro Taag

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Happy new year everyone! I just want to share you that I love the start of this year because I've been busy. And I mean busier. I have so many surprises for all my readers this month! This is my first Outfit post for 2015 and for me this is the start of something new. For the past year, I've blogged about so many things that made all of you guys curious about how blogging works, even my mom. because blogging changed my life, it made me better as a person and made me appreciate life even better. Specially when I get hugs, tweets, & sweet mails from my supporters. You have no idea how a simple tweet touches me and motivates me to work even harder. So to everyone who supports #StyleDivision2015, Thank you for inspiring me everyday. Now, I want to Inspire you to be better. Blogging and Social Media works in a positive way and I want you to experience how it works.
That's why stay tuned for my biggest surprise for 2015.

I attended my meeting with this outfit, and then went straight to a movie-date with Dani. I like this outfit because it is simple but you can wear it anywhere.

(Outfit Details : Jacket, Nick Automatic. Button Down, ZARA. Trousers, ZARA. Shoes, Greats (From alvostore.com). Socks, STANCE (from General BHS). Watch, NIXON. Eyewear, BAPE.)

(c) StyleDivision2015
photos taken by Alejandro Taag

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